Committee :: NGAKS Chairs (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

The Committee Chairs are submitted for consideration and elected by the Association’s membership at our Annual Conference.

CW4 Sandra Lashley
2018-2019 Audit
Tanya Wehrli
Major Tanya Wehrli
2017-2018 Awards
Tanya Wehrli
CPT Adam Beckman
2018-2020 Army Company Grade
CPT Beckamn
CPT Matthew Lucht 
2018-2019 Air Company Grade
Matthew Lucht
Continuity: LTC (R) Ray Rhodd
2017-2018 Army Retired
Ray Rhodd
Continuity: CPT Keith Marshall
2018-2019 Air
LTC Dana Duggins
2017-2018 Credentials
Dana Duggins
LTC Larry Leupold
2018-2019 Industry - Army
Kim Young
MAJ Tony Best
2018-2019 Industry - Army
Jay Grandinger
MAJ Kim Young
2017-2018 Insurance
Kim Young
MAJ (Ret) Jay Gradinger
2017-2019 HOF
Jay Grandinger
CPT Nicky Inskeep
2017-2018 Legislative - Federal
Nicky Inskeep
1LT Jody Cope
2017-2018 Legislative - State
Jody Cope
CPT Matt Lucht
2017-2019 Media Relations - Air-Company Grade
Mike Erwin
C1LT Celestial Arnold
2017-2019 Media Relations - Air
MAJ Dallas McMullen
2017-2018 Membership - Army
MAJ Kim Rhoden
2017-2018 Membership - Air
Celestial Arnold
COL Mike Erwin
2017-2018 Musuem
Mike Erwin
CPT Georgia Schafer
2018-2020 Nominations
COL (R) Derek Rogers
2017-2018 Resolutions
Derek Rogers
LTC (R) Craig Beardsley
2017-2018 Resolutions
Craig Beardsley
CPT Keith Marshall
2017-2018 Strategic Chair
MAJ Daniel Mehlhaff
2017-2018 Strategic Planning (Co Chair)
Daniel Mehlhaff
CW3 Mike Whisler
2018-2020 Warrant Officer Steering
Capt. Charles Ross
Air Membership - Chair
Capt. Charles Ross

Special procedures for filling the unexpired term of any Committee member are found in the NGAKS By Laws.  CLICK HERE to review the NGAKS By Laws

National Guard Association of Kansas

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