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NGAKS is sponsoring up to two annual scholarships for community leadership programs. What is a community leadership program? These programs vary with the leadership skills taught and their orientation toward either civic education and participation, or nonprofit education and participation, or a combination of the two.

2020 Application Packet :: NGAKS Community Leadership Training Scholarship

Application Packet for NGAKS Community Leadership Training Scholarship

Kansas Leadership Programs are Available :: in the following areas (at a minimum):

Dues range from $300-1350 and attendance requirements vary from evenings to one weekday per month.
The NGAKS wants to help you in your full time position by encouraging and financially supporting community partnerships while enhancing individual leadership skills. While our Association members learn leadership skills in their military environments…. the skills taught in local community leadership programs will help bridge the gap with civilian skills needed for our junior officers and the Association’s mission to education our communities.

The NGAKS’s Mission, in part, is :: Promote

For more information, please contact one of the Board Members

Mary Ann McBride, Operations Director
Cell: 785-231-7694

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